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To become the first brand in the food industry of our country and become the first brand that is preferred by consumers in the field that we operate.
To place total quality awareness in our company and to produce quality food using our resources efficiently and consciously.
By increasing Kenton brand awareness worldwide, to become one of the top 5 brands among the Turkish Food brands recognized abroad.
To enter into the first 500 producer companies Turkey based on total turnover and to contribute to the country’s economy by exporting 50% of its production.


Is to produce products that are respectfully to people, laws, the environment and that makes human life easier, customer focused, quality and healthy.


Ethical and moral values take on the same importance in the lives of firms as well as in all aspects of our social life.

Kenton Gıda San. A.Ş. defines ethical, moral and core values of the Company below in short terms, and provides the infrastructure to ensure that these values are known and implemented by all stakeholders;

1) Keeping the interests of the society in front of its own interests and the interests of the company,

2) Not to engage in relationships that would make them dependent on others in a monetary sense,

3) Being neutral,

4) Being accountable,

5) Being transparent,

6) Being open and honest,

7) Be an example to the environment with behaviors.

How Do We Want The Ethical Feelings Of Our Directors And All Our Employees Should Be And Improve?

Respectful to people and human rights,
Patient and understanding,
Sensitive and tolerant,
Acting fairly and equally,
Well adjusted and sharing,
Friendly and reliable,
Transparent and accountable,
Diligent and courageous,
Observing the public interest,
Trying to make life easier, increasing the quality of service,
Exemplary, complies with law and the rules,
Having professional and scientific responsibility,
Not related to illegal works,
While performing his duties, he is not affected by language, religion, race, gender, political thought, philosophical belief, sectarian distinctions,
Using the authority and responsibility in place and right,
Does his job rightly and lovingly, adopts his job,
Tries to improve himself,
Listening to the complaints and the recommendations, cares for others,
Keeps his promises,
Not using the company facilities allocated for the business for his personal benefit.

Our Code of Ethics:

To comply with the law, regulation and related regulations; To fulfill legal obligations on time,
To comply with the contracts and agreements made for the products and services provided to the customers,
Avoiding behaviors that damage our company’s trust and reputation,
Not to engage in agreements with competitors or other organizations that restrict the freedom of trade,
Not to use unapproved proprietary rights such as patents, copyrights etc. belonging to other persons and organizations,
To be economical in using company resources,
To reduce the error rate in our work, to increase the efficiency,
Not to accept gifts or incentives from individuals and organizations,
To treat our employees and all of our stakeholders impartially, fairly, equally, not to discriminate, to be respectful for rights and freedoms,
To avoid unrealistic statements,
To comply with the written and oral instructions of the management,
To perform tasks in a manner that is always accountable and auditable in terms of responsibility and liability,
To protect the interests of the company, to notify illegal activities and actions that are visible and known to authorized managers,
To treat employees equally, to deal with employees’ problems,
To prevent conflicts of interest and personal interests,
To prepare a suitable environment for employees to improve themselves,
To treat employees in courtesy and with respect,
To comply with the law concerning work and business life,
To create a healthy and safe business environment,
To inform employees about ethical rules and performance measures,
To be sensitive to environmental issues, take precautionary measures to prevent damage to environment,
To make efforts to increase the environmental awareness between workers and other stakeholders,