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About Kenton

As Kenton we started our journey with the vision of being the first global brand of Turkey in the category of powdered dessert and cooking auxiliary products at the end of 70’s. Kenton, who believes in the power of determination and continuous improvement, continues to make us happy with the success it has achieved as a brand that has entered millions of cuisines in many countries today.
Kenton, who started the road with the slogan of Peak of Taste, has always succeeded with the flavors that are suitable for Turkish taste and has won the trust of consumers as it is in the slogan of “the One I trust in the kitchen”.

The Kenton logo has been updated from time to time with its constantly evolving, innovative vision, and in 2000, it achieved today’s modern logo.

Our current logos highlight the expertise, stylish and masterful presentation of Kenton’s sweet subject with the bowl over the golden color. The blue color in our logo was generated from our perception of trust, respect, loyalty and success. The reason for using small letters is to express our close, sincere and friendly approach. It is aimed to give a social and unifying message with the ellipse shape in our logotype.

Our constantly developing Kenton brand, always following the trends and necessities of the day has had many changes of packaging during the branding journey.

Emphasize on family has been always important for Kenton which has its first TV commercials in baking powder-sugared vanilla, crepe mix and pudding.

In the following period, we aim to further increase our market share in the geographies where we operate, to explain our products to our consumers in the best way and to gain their appreciation, to prove that we are a respected brand all over the world.