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Our company shareholders

Board Chairman- Mr. Şeref Yıldız
Board Members-Mr. Faruk Yıldız, Mr. Mücahit Yıldız, Mr. Nimet Yıldız, Mr. Rivayet Yıldız

Articles of Incorporation

Our company was established in 1998. Its main activity field is production and marketing of food products. For this purpose we perform production, import, export, trade and investment activities.

About Us

Kenton is a brand of Sultanlar Group which is a 100% Turkish capital-invested conglomerate. The Sultanlar Group was established in Rize in 1945 by Hacı Sultan Yıldız under the name of Sultanlar Marketing. Hacı Sultan Yıldız, together with his sons, Selahattin and Şeref Yıldız, extended Sultanlar Marketing’s sphere of activities set off with the sale and distribution of fast moving consumer goods and moved the headquarters from Rize to Istanbul.

In Istanbul, the Yıldız family first turned Sultanlar Marketing into one of the major distribution companies in Turkey. Furthermore, he incorporated Tibet, Inc. and Kenton Food Industry Co. into the Sultanlar Group in the 1970s, also adding the Corporation the production function.

The Sultanlar Group is still engaged in various fields including food, cleaning, cosmetics, distribution, machinery, construction, and plastics, etc. with 11 companies under the leadership of Board Chairman Şeref Yıldız and Board Vice-Chairmen Faruk Yıldız and Mücahit Yıldız, and contributes to the country’s economy with its about 2,000 employees and exports all around the world with its leading status and strong brands in the industries with its active presence.

Boasting 80,000 square meters of modern producing area, which is the flagship of our Group in industry, as well as ISO 22000 and ISO 9001 certification, the Tibet Production Plant operates in Kurtköy, Istanbul. Also, we have 35,000 square meters of distribution and storage warehouse in Samandıra, İstanbul.

Being one of the pioneers and strongest in its fields of activity in our country with large projects it has launched and huge plants it has set up since 70 years and with its vast and experienced staff, the Sultanlar Group is heading towards its future as a regional power and an global actor with its commitment to ethics and leading brands contributing to the country’s economy.