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Chocolate Sauce

You can make excellent presentations by giving great taste and appearance to your cakes, pastry, dessert and ice-creams with Kenton Chocolate Love Chocolate Sauce.

Add 500 ml (2.5 water glasses) milk to boiler. Add powder mixture. Cook it on medium heat by stirring all the time. Cook it for 2-3 minutes more after it starts to boil. Keep stirring now and again in order to prevent it from forming a crust, cool it until it reaches room temperature and then serve.

RECOMMENDATION: You can use 1.5 water glass milk in order to make more thickened sauce. You can use Kenton Chocolate Sauce for desserts such as ice cream, cake, pastry, milk pudding.

Energy and Nutrition Facts 100 g.
Energy (kcal)-(kj) 128-540
Fat (g)   3,00
Carbohydrate (g) 21,70
Protein (g)   3,55

This product does not contain any ingredient which may cause allergic reactions or intolerance that is legally mandatory to indicate on its label.

  • soy lecithin